and manufacturer
of electrical equipment

Design of electric power facilities with voltage up to 220 kv inclusively

  • obtaining technical specifications for connection to the power grid;
  • collection of initial data, preparation of technical specifications taking into account the customer's requirements, development of basic electrical engineering solutions;
  • calculations of electrical conditions of the contemplated facility and the adjacent network, calculations of short-circuit currents;
  • development and selection of electrical equipment for projects of any complexity, subject to the customer's requirements
  • performing engineering and survey work (land and legal relations and engineering surveys)
  • integrated design of 6 to 220 kV substations;
  • design and power supply of industrial and civil facilities;
  • design of relay protection and automation, operational and emergency automation systems;
  • design of automated measuring and information systems for electric power fiscal accounting that meet the dual completion requirements, telemetry systems (TS);
  • design of automated process control systems (APCS) for substations;
  • development of estimate documentation, construction and deconstruction management projects;
  • approval and expertise: project approval with regulatory bodies and organizations, obtaining the necessary permits and supporting the examination of project documentation;
  • designer supervision.



Design of relay protection, operational and emergency automation systems

  • development design and working documentation for 6(10)-220 kV relay protection and automation equipment and secondary switching circuits;.
  • calculation of short-circuit currents in 6(10)-220 kV networks;.
  • calculation of relay protection settings for the 6(10)-220 kV networks;.
  • selection and testing of current transformers according to the conditions of use in the circuits of relay protection and automation devices;.
  • development of electric circuits for relay protection and automation devices;.
  • development of electric circuits for cabinets of microprocessor-based relay protection and automation equipment;.
  • parameterisation of MP terminals;.
  • design of digital substations.



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