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NIPOM JSC successfully passed the "Made in Russia" certification

Company news
19 august 2020

NIPOM successfully completed the product certification process and received the right to mark its products with the "Made in Russia" sign.

The "Made in Russia" program is designed to help the best Russian manufacturers enter international markets, and guarantees foreign consumers the safety and quality of products that have passed the certification under the "Made in Russia" voluntary certification system (VCS).

As part of the voluntary certification procedure, the experts of the Russian Export Center (REC) conducted an independent assessment of the business reputation and foreign economic potential of NIPOM, as well as documentary verification of products, including: NKU, KURE, SPT, VTTs, VZP-TPP, microprocessor relay protection and automation devices.

Certificates of conformity were obtained for the following types of equipment:

Successful confirmation of NIPOM JSC compliance with all the requirements of the "Made in Russia" VCS guarantees the reliability of the manufacturer and the safety of manufactured products (works performed, services rendered).

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