JSC NIPOM has been successfully operating in the energy area since 2001 and manufacturing power generation, receipt and distribution, and electrical installation control equipment, DC systems and energy-saving equipment.

The total area of our production facilities exceeds 20,000 sq.m. Our production capacity exceeds 3,000 product units per year.

The company has all resources to participate in the complete project implementation cycles related to power supply: from site survey and design to commissioning and maintenance service.

NIPOM actively introduces Russian-manufactured components into equipment and offers ready-to-use solutions that match the main industry trends: digitalization, import substitution, and cybersecurity.


Long-term experience in successful project implementation

Equipment of Russian components

Customizable solutions

Compliance with quality and reliability standards

Innovative developments based on market trends

Experience in implementing projects of any complexity


NIPOM - DIGITAL ENERGY PARTNER major multinational companies: Gazprom, Rosseti, Transneft, Rosneft, Rosatom, Lukoil, Sibur, Rusagro. The company supplies its products to all regions of Russia and for export.


  • reduced time and financial costs of the customer due to avoiding the need to coordinate and interact with allied suppliers; work with a single contractor having comprehensive competencies and experiences at all stages of the project from the survey and design to commissioning and further maintenance service;

  • choice of balanced, financially proven and optimal technical solutions enabling the further development of the customer’s energy system, due to many years of experience of NIPOM in various industries, custom-tailored approach to each customer and partnership with leading domestic and foreign manufacturers of electrical products;

  • reduced energy losses due to our innovative approach to the development of electrical equipment and the use of new technologies in production;

  • commissioning a facility just in time and guarantee of reliable power supply due to the European production level offered by NIPOM that is officially recognized at the world level; consistently high quality of our integrated solutions and rapid response to customer requests;

  • reduced operation costs of the equipment manufactured by NIPOM and avoidance of accidents due to various programs of consulting support to the customer.