Technology Partners

The partners of NIPOM are top-ranked world leaders in electrical engineering, which confirms that the proposed solutions
meet modern standards of quality, reliability, safety and energy saving.

The product range of NIPOM equipment is developing dynamically due to the efficient work in two main areas: products of our in-house development and the licensed production of the world’s advanced developments. Annual certification confirms that the manufactured products comply with modern quality, reliability, safety and energy saving standards. .

The partnership relations between NIPOM and Siemens have been developing for more than eight years. In 2008, NIPOM received Russia’s first license to manufacture Sivacon S8 low- voltage complete devices (LVCD) and the world’s first license for 8DJH packaged gas-insulated switchgears (PGIS).

Currently, Siemens is actively cooperating with NIPOM on the Russian market, as it trusts our competence and resources. NIPOM is a supplier to Siemens and has the Ready for Business status, enabling us to participate in international projects of the concern. We obtained the status of a regional engineering partner of Siemens in Automation and Driven Equipment that confirms that we have competencies required for the implementation of projects in this area using Siemens equipment.

In 2007, we established a strong partnership with PO “Eltechnika” OAO. NIPOM OAO and PO Eltekhnika OAO signed a licensing agreement for the manufacture of Onega single-end service assembled chambers for 6 (10) kV switchgears in February of 2012, and for manufacture of Volga cubicle switchboards in early 2013.

In 2007, NIPOM obtained a license for the form factor of Logstrup low-voltage complete device (LVCD) (Denmark) for currents of up to 8500A.