Consulting Partners

The development of NIPOM is based on the use of innovative manufacturing methods
combined with modern world technologies and management practices

Our cooperation with world leaders in the area of consulting services related to the optimization of production processes in order to reduce costs allows us to increase every year the productivity of direct workers, build the processes of interaction of adjacent units with minimal loss of time, reduce the production cycle and involve workers through the development of a system of continuous improvements.

Our consulting partners are:

KAIZEN Institute is an international institute operating in Europe, Africa, the Asian-Pacific Region and the Americas. KAIZEN Institute provides consulting, training, certification and benchmarking in the implementation of the system of continuous improvement (Kaizen management). 26 regional offices of KAIZEN Institute employ more than 400 consultants, providing customers in every region of the world with knowledge and experience helping to improve business performance.

KAIZEN Technology Center is a consulting company involved in construction of business systems based on the principles of KAIZEN management system. Consultants of the company have extensive practical experience in the implementation of KAIZEN in various industries.

JMAC Europe is the first Japanese consulting company in Italy, which is part of the international consulting network, whose customers are more than 2000 organizations worldwide. JMAC Europe was founded by Mr. Akira Koudate in 1988, currently its team has more than 60 consultants who help their customers to achieve real results in the optimization of production processes.

Sergey Kharitonov

General Director of KAIZEN Technology Center

We express our heartfelt thanks to the management of NIPOM for a long-tem, productive and mutually beneficial cooperation in the implementation of lean Business Systems.

During more than 6 years of collaboration with NIPOM, we developed and implemented an efficient “Integrated Management System”, in particular, based on the principles and the LEAN-technology.

NIPOM introduced all key instruments in order to improve the efficiency and competitiveness. The personnel and management of the company have shown their interest and involvement in the process of continuous change. That is why the integrated management system was promptly developed and introduced and every employee in the company is actively involved in its continuous development.

We demonstrate the management system of NIPOM in working condition during the benchmarking tours, visits of guests to the company to study the best practices, which KAIZEN Technology Center holds on a quarterly basis. The system provides a high level of product quality, allows significantly reducing the time and cost of manufacture of the products. This ensures that the equipment acquired by the company customer is reliable and the facility will be put in operation in time.

During our cooperation, NIPOM OAO has approved itself as a reliable partner that implements and uses efficiently the LEAN-technology. The experience of our collaboration shows how efficient this tool can be with competent implementation and commitment of senior management.

Alessandro Savioli

Senior Consultant of Jmac Europe SpA
2005 - 2015 years

<…>The main result for JSC “Nipom” is a perfectly new-minded management team, ready to solve complex engineering tasks without help from the outside! I have a strong opinion that in the nearest future JSC “Nipom” will become an absolute leader in its business field with the help of the skills acquired in Lean Design and they’ll be able to offer better and better proposals to the market from the price, quality and service points of view!
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