29 October 2019

NIPOM takes part in the innovative solutions and import substitution in distributed energy conference

The event was held on October 23 as part of the business program of the 4th International Exhibition of Industrial Boiler, Heat Exchange, and Power Generating Equipment HEAT & POWER in Moscow. Representatives of leading Russian companies and industry-specific organizations attended the conference. The conference agenda included one of the most complex and controversial topics of today - the opportunities and experience in applying innovative solutions and import substitution in distributed energy.

A representative of JSC NIPOM made a presentation on the topic: "Hardware and software solutions for a distributed energy generation area management system."

In his speech, he noted: “NIPOM has been developing, manufacturing and commissioning hardware and software modules and solutions for integrating distributed generation facilities into existing distribution networks and power supply networks of consumers for several years. These engineering solutions with a competent approach can prevent the possibility of emergency conditions in which the generating installations of distributed generation facilities will be damaged or there will be an interruption of the power supply to consumers with significant damage". The speaker also emphasized that after the adoption of amendments to the legislation regarding the exemption of individuals from paying personal income tax when selling surplus electricity to the network produced at their own micro-generation facilities, the proposed engineering solutions will be even more in demand.

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