12 May 2020

NIPOM staff take part in the 75th Victory Day anniversary celebration

On May 9, Russia celebrated the great holiday of 75 Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. This year Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, postponed the Victory Day Parade and the Immortal Regiment event due to the challenging epidemiological situation in the country.

However, this did not prevent the Russian people from paying tribute to the memory of heroes, honoring those who never came back from the battle field, and remembering the names of all their loved ones who made the victory come true and accomplished feats every minute during the war for the sake of freedom of the Fatherland.

NIPOM employees were also among those who joined the Victory Day celebration events most of which took place online or in a private family circle.

The most remarkable federal level event was the Russian nationwide Immortal Regiment Online event organized in VKontakte and Odnoklassniki social media. Instead of a traditional demonstration, footage showing photographs of the Great Patriotic War heroes was broadcasted on 200 media displays and in online cinemas. Anyone had a chance to add a photo of their relative who participated in the 1941-1945 war to the activity feed.

In Nizhny Novgorod Region the event had one more new format of organization: Immortal Regiment at the Windows. The participants printed out photographs of their relatives who took part in the Great Patriotic War or were homefront workers during the war, and placed them at the windows of their homes or went out to their balconies to show them.

Another online project (which is yet to become a huge exhibition in the Victory Park outside Moscow in the long run) was the Road of Memory event. The Road of Memory is a resource managed by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation that is continuously being updated with new data and photographs of the Great Patriotic War veterans. The Ministry is close to completing the construction of the Main Russian Military Temple in the Patriot Park and a Road of Memory gallery within the temple complex. The gallery is going to contain the names and photographs of the Great Patriotic War veterans demonstrated using special-purpose technologies. NIPOM staff along with 30 million Russians provided photographs and data of their hero relatives for the wall of memory.

The Great Victory Day celebrated this year without pomposity, in a family style, gave us a chance to watch old war films that we love as well as new ones. And the all-encompassing digital technologies enabled everyone concerned to record a video in verse or in prose without leaving their homes, in a simple and sincere whole hearted manner, or sing a war song, and post the record in the social media.

Participation in the 75th victory anniversary celebration is a living memory of the heroes who won the Victory for us at the expense of their own lives. It is very important that, in spite of the current situation in the country, we stood together to support the holiday and kept the memory of the heroic milestones of the country for generations to come.

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