21 August 2019

NIPOM presents DSS Control System

On 15 August 2019, JSC SO UPS hosted in Moscow a scheduled joint workshop of NPP NTS EES concerning Reliability and Efficiency Problems of Relay Protection and Automated System Control Means and concerning Relay Protection and Automatic Equipment System Mode Control. .

JSC NIPOM and NNSTU n.a. R.E.Alekseev presented a joint report on DSS Control System Using Special-Purpose Multicomputer/Multiprocessor Complexes and Cross-Platform Software.

The report describes the proprietary technology of DSS based on two components: a software component including Control Software Code Generator, and a hardware component based on widely marketed industrial automation facilities from various manufacturers. Meeting the challenge of import substitution, decreasing the dependence of the Russian electric power industry from external factors and assuring the Russian Federation energy security as well as information security of process control systems for 6-220 kV power networks, NIPOM offers DSS solutions that to the maximum possible extent utilize domestic Elbrus microprocessors and Elbrus-D OS.

Elements of presented technologies are certified by PJSC Rosseti and ready for use at power grid facilities of the Russian Federation.

The practical application of NIPOM digital solutions is displayed at the company's exhibition in part of the 9th St Petersburg International Gas Forum (SPIGF) in the period from the 1st to 4th of October 2019.

We are looking forward to seeing you and representatives of your organization among honorable guests of our company.

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