28 April 2017

NIPOM presented a new relay protection system for the voltage class of 110-220 kV

On April 25-28, 2017, at the International Exhibition and Conference “Relay Protection and Automation for Electric Power Systems-2017” in Saint Petersburg (Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Centre), NIPOM presented an expanded line of the microprocessor relay protection and automation system, including in a cyber secured design.

The microprocessor-based RPA equipment is used for both existing (reconstructed) and new 110-220 kV substations. It is designed as relay protection cabinets with NIPOM manufactured terminals. A 19-inch form factor of terminal provides customized options of hardware designs.
At the exposition of NIPOM, JSC in Hall 2, Booth G3, visitors could see the prototype of the RPA subsystem for a conditional substation, which is integrated into the APCS with the following types of protection:
  • protection of transformers and autotransformers; 
  • protection of buses, busbars of bypass switches, bus-tie switches; 
  • protection of power transmission lines.

The cybersecurity of presented prototypes of the microprocessor-based RPA equipment is achieved by using a trusted hardware/software platform, the key components of which are developed in Russia:
  • Computer complexes based on Elbrus high-performance microprocessors (developed by Bruk INEUM, PJSC) and MCTS, JSC); 
  • SCADA system designed to develop control and dispatching systems (developed by InSAT, LLC).

The RPA system complies with IEC 61850 standard and has a self-diagnostic function. The development of NIPOM uses a network gateway in industrial design in order to build virtual private networks (VPNs) in industrial systems and segment them into the security domains of HSS ViPNET Coordinator IG10 (developed by  Group).

As NIPOM uses standard components of industrial automation and cross-platform software independent of a particular manufacturer, in conjunction with a domestic microprocessor and a domestic operating system, this ensures that there is no undocumented capabilities, thus increasing the level of cybersecurity of the RPA subsystem and the APCS of substations.

The issue of cybersecurity in power systems was discussed during the Round Table on April 28, 2017 at the International Exhibition and Scientific and Technical Conference organized by CIGRE B5 Study Committee. V.M. Zinin, Director of the Advanced Research Department of NIPOM, JSC presented his report on the topic “Provision of Cybersecurity in the “Digital Substation” Technology taking into account the Import Substitution”. The audience was acquainted with the approaches used by NIPOM to introduce cybersecurity elements into its electric network process control systems.

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