10 December 2017


NIPOM participated in the International Specialized Exhibition “Electric Networks in Russia-2017” that took place from October 5 to 8, 2017 in the Worldwide Exhibition Center (Moscow).

Specialized conference “Relay Protection and Automation Equipment of Energy Systems. Improvement of Operation and Prospects for Development” took place in the course of the business program of the exhibition in order to exchange ideas and innovative developments. Vladimir Zinin, Director for Management of Advanced Developments, presented a report “IEC 61850 as a basis for standardization of relay protection and automation equipment in JSC NIPOM solutions”. The report contained key opportunities and current results of practical application of relay protection and automation equipment developed by JSC NIPOM.
NIPOM thanks all the participants of the conference for the interest in the company projects. We are sincerely looking for effective and long-term cooperation!

Relay protection and automation equipment developed by JSC NIPOM is designed to complex protection of the main substation equipment in substations having voltage class of 110-220 kW, have cybersecurity design using improved signal processing algorithms and external interface in compliance with IEC 61850 standard.

Previous publications:

1) Provision of cybersecurity in “Digital substation” technology regarding the import substitution

2) Relay protection and automation system will protect the Russian energetics from cyberattacks.

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