24 March 2020

NIPOM completes construction and commissioning of a substation supplying power to the airport of Tobolsk

NIPOM took part in a major project of the social importance on building an airfield and related infrastructure in the city of Tobolsk.

For the construction of a landing place, the company produced and supplied a metal clad 2БКТПМ-250/10/0.4 kV two- transformer modular packaged transformer substation.

The modular packaged transformer substation consists of 2 modules and has РУ-10 kV switchgear room with a two- section switchgear installed on the basis of the gas insulated 8DJH monoblocks with Siprotec 7SJ80 relay protection.

As a part of the project implementation, NIPOM specialists performed a complete work package associated with installation of the transformer substation on the foundation and a complete routing of the transformer substation to existing power supply and automation systems.

The modular packaged NIPOM transformer substation has an identification day marking in the form of alternating red and white stripes. To ensure safety during night flights and poor visibility flights, the modular packaged transformer substation features a special-purpose barrage light.

Facility Features

The construction of the airfield and related infrastructure is a joint project of JSC SIBUR-Holding and the Tyumen Region Government, which is aimed at attracting tourists to Tobolsk. In order for the city to improve its transport accessibility, they decided to build an airport in Tobolsk for business air carriage.

The implementation of the project provides for construction of the following facilities: an air terminal building with the capacity of 200 passengers per hour, a terminal square, a checkpoint in the terminal control area, a training area, a base emergency rescue station, and some maintenance support facilities.

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