19 September 2020

Functional capabilities of NIPOM RPA were demonstrated to the operating personnel of the MES Center

prev_1600547208513.jpgOn August 18-19, at the specialized production base "Bely Rast", the functional capabilities of the 6-220 kV relay protection (RPA) equipment by NIPOM were demonstrated to the operational personnel of the relay protection and automation (RPA) services of the MES Center and the Moscow PMES.

The purpose of the event was a detailed introduction to the 110-220 kV and 6-35 kV cyber-protected RPA devices implemented based on specialized multi-machine/multi-processor facilities using cross-platform software certified by Rosseti, PAO in June 2020.

During the tests, there were presented samples of P0311 (a staged protection set + automatic 110-220kV switch control) and РТ.9.10 (universal protection of 6-35 kV connections) manufactured by NIPOM JSC with integrated information security functions in accordance with the order of Rosseti, PAO No. 282p of 30.05.2017.

According to the approved test program for operation specialists, the main functions of the RPA equipment produced by NIPOM were checked:

  • remote protection;
  • zero-sequence current directional protection;
  • interlock in case of voltage circuit faults;
  • interlock in case of sweeping;
  • overcurrent protection;
  • backup devices in case of switch failures;
  • automatic re-enabling;
  • automatic switch control.

During the event, reports were presented on the implementation of information security functions in devices. A production sample was used to demonstrate the principles of NIPOM 110-220 kV RPA terminal operation in normal and emergency conditions, and the features of its configuration and adjustment, including remotely, were shown.

Following the work, a report was signed confirming the successful tests of standard functions of NIPOM relay protection and automation (RPA) equipment.

For reference:

Relay protection and automation (RPA)equipment is used for installation at both existing and new (reconstructed) 110-220 kV substations, and meets all current requirements for RPA devices, including compliance with the IEC 61850 standard.

Read more on the website https://nipom.ru/equipments/electro/rele

The Bely Rast MES Center personnel training facility (PTF) was established in accordance with Order of the Ministry of Energy and Electrification of the USSR No. 159 of 19.07.1978 and is currently a part of the system of FGC UES, PAO personnel training facilities.

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