15 May 2020

Digitalization enables NIPOM to perform efficiently

Current COVID-19-related crisis brought up the issue of digitalization again, but this time from a somewhat different perspective. Today this has become a must for the survival of a business rather than just a buzzword. Only the companies that had managed to develop a digital environment well in advance were able to quickly switch the maximum volume of operations to the online mode and continue functioning.

NIPOM is among those who were able to adjust to today’s reality in as short a time as possible, i.e. 2-3 working days. Being among the first to obtain a work permit, the company immediately started operating in such new format while most of the employees began working remotely. The efficient performance of the company in the current period of crisis is based on the timely digitalization of all focus areas: internal processes and assets, team skill sets, interaction with the market, products and technology.

In particular, the rapid transition to a new format of operation and continuous high performance efficiency of NIPOM are based on the availability of the required hardware and software, communication services and channels, access to the necessary data open to all employee groups, and electronic document workflow introduced ahead of time.

Further important component was the appropriate skills of the managers and ordinary employees. The strong team of top managers with huge work experience, capable to operatively respond to any changes in the external environment, came up with a firm response to the situation, and the employees adjusted to working remotely on the fly, mastering all the necessary digital services in a quick and easy manner, and demonstrating a strong discipline and personal leadership.

In the context of restrained activity NIPOM’s specialists ensured a normal mode of interaction with suppliers, customers and other market players, which enabled further order processing supporting all the customer requirements. It is important to note that the pandemic has broken the established international and internal ties, and under those circumstances NIPOM found itself in an advantageous position as an enterprise with a strong resource potential, and a wide range of products and in-house processes.

With its structure combining a research and development centre, a design office, equipment manufacturing plants and an engineering company, NIPOM is an active user of today’s digital technology at all stages of a product life cycle: from design and manufacture to commissioning and maintenance.

The quick and successful implementation of new digital technology is a key factor ensuring competitive ability and flexibility to change. NIPOM’s personnel is sure: the current situation is a challenge that will make it possible to change the market behavior pattern of the company, make the business stronger and discover new development opportunities for the company within short period of time.

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