25 October 2019

Digital transformation: NIPOM to present new developments at the electric networks forum

NIPOM will take part in the Electric Networks international forum, which will be held on December 3-6 at the All-Russian Exhibition Center (Moscow, Prospekt Mira, metro VDNkH, Pavilion 75).

At an individual exposition - Hall A, stand 218 - the company will present its proprietary developments relevant to the industry such as equipment for receiving, transmitting and distributing electricity.

Currently, NIPOM is actively introducing Russian-made smart components into the equipment, offering customers turnkey solutions that meet the industry's main trends: digitalization, import substitution, cybersecurity, reliable energy supply. New developments will be announced as part of the company's exposition, which fully complies with the key theme of the exhibition forum - “Digital Transformation: New Opportunities for Regions and Investors”.

NIPOM will present:

  • Digital solutions consisting of Digital Relay Protection and Automation Terminals and a SCADA system based on domestic Elbrus-8C processor that conforms to IEC 61850;
  • Multipurpose cubicle switchboard (КРУ-6 (10) kV), fully customizable, easy to install, operate and maintain, 93% consisting of domestic components, wherein three stages represent particular indoor switchgear digitization options according to IEC 61850;
  • Digital brush/brushless synchronous motor excitation (ВТЦ-СД-Щ and ВТЦ-СД-Б) using hardware and software for digital signal processing;
  • Smart switchgear digitization components for improved monitoring of equipment in operation;
  • DC uninterruptible power supply system (UPSS) of hot standby modular type, proprietary insulation monitoring system (MIRS-NT) and microprocessor-based maximum current relay (РМТМ-DC) adapted to remote monitoring and adjustment of a guaranteed activation selectivity of switches across the system levels;
  • Low voltage complete device (НКУ-0,4 kV) of multifunctional form factor that enables concurrent use of various functional units; the device has a system for temperature monitoring of contact connections of feeders and buses, and enables enhanced self-testing functions.

As part of the business program of the forum, NIPOM representatives will make presentations:

  • December 4 - at the EnergyNet conference on the topic “Import Substitution in NIPOM Digital Solutions in Alternative and Distributed Generation”;
  • December 5 - at the Relay Protection and Automation of Power Systems conference on the topics “Implementation of Information Security Functions in an IED (on the example of an IED Relay Protection System) as part of a DSS” and “Features of the Absolute Selectivity Protection Using An IED of JSC NIPOM".

We are looking forward to seeing you and representatives of your organization among the honored guests.

You can get an electronic ticket to the exhibition at the link: https://reg.expoelectroseti.ru/login.php?idExh=5

For reference:
NIPOM JSC is an expert and innovator in the electrical industry. The company has been successfully operating in the energy sector since 2001, producing equipment for generating, receiving and distributing electricity, controlling electrical installations, DC systems and energy-saving equipment.
NIPOM is a DIGITAL ENERGY PARTNER to the largest multinational companies: Gazprom, Rosneft, Transneft, Rosatom, Rosseti and others. The company supplies its products to all regions of Russia and abroad.

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