21 November 2019

A unique concept of NIPOM's teamwork proved successful within the framework of the Performance Leaders program

Previously we reported that in July 2019 NIPOM Joined National Project The Labour Efficiency And Employment Support. As part of the project, there was the Performance Leaders training program implemented with the aim of teaching leaders advanced managerial and business competences that contribute to higher performance and integration of management and technology innovations. The program is based on practical experience of the best Russian and foreign companies and expertise of the country's largest higher education institutions.

In September-October, NIPOM's team named "Energy of Trust" took part in the 2nd and 3rd modules of the Performance Leaders training program and successfully passed:

  • The main stages of the performance improvement project development;
  • Tutor-assisted training;
  • Specialization in four key fields (Strategy, Marketing and Sales, HR Management, and Production and Logistics) aimed at an in-depth mastering by the members of their professional tools;
  • The procedure of gained knowledge evaluation through individual testing of every members of the team.

At present, the work at the project is progressing at priority rates and coming to the end. This became possible because NIPOM were the first to have announced and successfully applied the unique work concept: a monoteam implementing a real, strategically important project. Before NIPOM's initiative, the customary practice of the program member organizations (in 2019, it is expected to have trained total 2,500 people from 36 constituent entities of the Russian Federation) was forming picked teams of specialists from among representatives of various large-, medium- and small-size business entities.

A significant advantage of the unique concept of work is a much deeper insight and high managerial decision-making speed due to personal involvement in the Energy of Trust team of the general director and highly competent top managers covering all the company's strategic and business activities. The result is the team that has already defined its strategic goals and growing points is currently "fine-tuning" solutions to be presented at the end of November.

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