11 July 2019

NIPOM joined national project the labour efficiency and employment support

This project was approved by the office of Presidential Council of the Russian Federation for Strategic Development and Priority Projects in order to ensure the labour efficiency increase at medium- and large-sized enterprises of non-resource backbone industries by 10-15-30% in the first, second and third year of the project implementation respectively.

As part of the project, there was the Performance Leaders training program organized at the premises of The Russian Academy for Foreign Trade for managers who want to increase labour efficiency at their enterprises in the age of global transformations and technological innovations. The main principles of the program: establishing a community of professionals, leaders teach leaders, minimum theory - maximum practice, each participant gets knowledge he/she needs.

NIPOM takes an active part in the Performance Leaders program. General Director Igor Viktorovich Leontiev and managers of various business lines of the company completed the training under the first module - Business Administration. There are yet 5 months of a persistent work at own business project aimed at performance improvement that implies analysis and ascertaining of growth opportunities, action plan elaboration, real project implementation within the enterprise framework and final defense.

NIPOM started in the 5th stream of listeners of total 12 streams expected. The start followed a competition for conformance to strict selection criteria that NIPOM has honorably passed. There are over 3000 people from 36 subdivisions of the Russian Federation to be trained in total within the national project in 2019. The Nizhny Novgorod Region is a leader in the number of people active in the program.

For information:
NIPOM pays great attention to a continuous improvement of production and business processes, as well as to increase in performance. NIPOM has successfully implemented a project that allowed for 45% gain in performance. Then there was an active cooperation with the Federal Center of Competence established for the purpose of targeted support to Russian enterprises and organizations to improve the competitive ability and increase the profitability.
NIPOM participation in the Performance Leaders program is an opportunity for further development, progression and achievement of new results for higher performance.
More information about the program is available at the organizers' web site:

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