23 October 2019

10 years of successful partnership between NIPOM and Siemens on Sivacon technology

NIPOM is actively cooperating with Siemens in the Russian market. For 10 years, Siemens has trusted the competencies and resources to the company that is an industry expert in Russia. Every year, the enterprise keeps the high status of a partner and receives appropriate certificates, proving the professionalism of specialists and the business compliance with international standards.

In 2009, NIPOM was the first in Europe to receive a license for the production of advanced low-voltage cubicle switchboards (NKU) of the Sivacon S8 modular design and the first license in the world for a new Siemens product - gas-insulated cubicle switchboards 8DJH.

Since 2011, NIPOM has been a Solution Partner for the Automation System SIMATIC software module.

In 2014, the company gained the status of Solution Partner in the Energy Efficiency of Industrial Production - Energy Management program module. NIPOM became one of the 3 official partners of Siemens who were able to introduce the energy management system based on B.Data, the enterprise’s energy resource management system, in the Russian market. This confirms the high level of trust to NIPOM as to one of the leading technology partners.

In 2015, NIPOM was successfully qualified and approved as a supplier of transnational concern Siemens with Ready for Business status. The Register of Suppliers includes only the best enterprises in various industry sectors.

Currently, NIPOM continues to develop partner relations with Siemens, implementing a number of large-scale projects, including the development of technical specifications for an automated information-analysis data management system as part of making a digital factory for one of the largest players in the Russian industrial market.

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