Areas of Activities

NIPOM applies an integrated approach to the implementation of projects in power supply and automation, allowing us to offer customers the most
technologically advanced and cost-effective solutions. The project database, our in-house production facilities and project
management at all stages of implementation ensure that the customer may be confident of a successful outcome.


In order to achieve optimum performance (quality, time limits, cost, etc.) in the implementation of projects, NIPOM provides a wide range of services at all stages of a project:

  • engineering and consulting services
  • management of complex projects
  • design of electric power facilities with voltage of up to 220 KV
  • packaged supply of equipment
  • development and implementation of automated control systems
  • service and installation, construction work and services
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Manufacture of Electrical Equipment

To help to choose the most effective solution, the electrical equipment plant manufactures a wide range of equipment for:

  • electricity distribution and management of electrical installations of up to 0.69 kV (LVCD);
  • uninterrupted operation of equipment of up to 0.69 kV (high-speed automatic switches);
  • electricity distribution of up to 6 (10) kV (cubicle switchboards and single-end service assembled chambers); ;
  • uninterruptible power supply of 220VDC (DCB, CR, voltage stabilization devices USN-NT, universal microprocessor-based operative current cabinets, AB manager);
  • uninterruptible power supply of up to 0.4 kVAC (UPS);
  • an improved stability of the synchronous mode (VTTS-SD, VTTS-SG);
  • receipt, conversion and distribution of electricity of 6 (10)/0.4 kV (PTS of the internal plant);
  • microprocessor-based protection of power transmission lines of up to 220 kV (RPA);
  • signaling and directional protection against single-phase earth fault (SDP SEA);
  • installation of low-voltage equipment and electric wiring (cabinet enclosures).

All equipment undergo acceptance tests according to Russian GOST and the customer’s requirements. Equipment is supplied together with installation, commissioning, start-up, and servicing work.

Modular Equipment Manufacture

The product range of the modular equipment plant (N. Novgorod) is developing dynamically due to our efficient work in the area of innovation. Currently, we manufacture products for:

  • receipt, conversion and distribution of electricity of 35-110/6-24 kV (KZPS);
  • receipt, conversion and distribution of electricity of 6-24/0.4 kV (BKTPB, BKTPM);
  • autonomous power supply of distant facilities (BKEU).

At the modular equipment plant, products undergo an entire production cycle and are released ready-to-operate. Modular equipment is supplied together with installation, commissioning, start-up, and servicing work.

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