Social Projects

NIPOM pays great attention to work with children in order to increase their interest in the energy sector
and train future qualified young professionals.

The company is one of the principal employers and mainstays of Dzerzhinsk and, playing an important role in the regional economy as a whole, has an active social policy. An important area of work is the creation of new jobs for young employees and their engagement in the team of NIPOM. The ever-growing need for engineering employees requires the company to cooperate closely and efficiently with educational institutions, particularly, to create base chairs.

NIPOM pays great attention to work with children in order to increase their interest in the energy sector and to train future qualified young employees.

We organize excursions to the plant for the children of the company employees, hold Energy Days and give lessons on energy saving. The children are told about the history of the company, modern technology, shown how we are working at all stages of production. In this way, the children can not only get acquainted with the work of their parents, but also imagine what one of the local economic mainstays looks like, what professions are the most popular and honorable.

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NIPOM is actively cooperating with schools: we work with pupils starting with Form 8. Company employees hold vocational guidance and career events for pupils: days of career, days of profession, youth forums and conferences, excursions to the company.

In 2014, NIPOM supported the Dzerzhinsk technical college by equipment of the laboratory classroom with NIPOM electrical equipment. Due to this, the students can study in practice the complex design of electrical cabinets, get skills in installation, startup and operation. NIPOM supports children at an important stage of life journey, helping them to make an informed choice of their future specialty and at the same time involving the best graduates to work in the plant.

Georgiy Khirmanov

My father is an electrician at NIPOM. NIPOM produces modern electric equipment, which is in good demand. My father's workmanship affects the quality of manufactured products. I am proud of my father, because he allocates a lot of time to work; he wants to help the plant to achieve its goals, to take part in the development of the most modern electrical machinery. When I visited the plant, what I remember best of all was the bright, spacious workshops, advanced equipment, machine tools. It makes you dizzy to see various metal structures of the future electric devices. Since I am also interested in electrical engineering, I would also like to work in the future at the

Georgiy Khirmanov, 16 years old

Mikhail Kshukin

My mother works at NIPOM OAO; she is an electrical engineer in the Engineering Center. She develops the design documentation used to mount and adjust electric panels later on. Her favorite orders are DC panels. She is a true professional in these products, and I am proud of her. Two years ago, I visited NIPOM OAO and saw with my own eyes how things work here. I liked the working climate of the Engineering Center, equipment of work places, modern computers. Their team is friendly and young. The workshop amazed me with its large size and the fact that everything was placed very efficiently, everything was arranged and labeled according to a special system, the equipment was the most modern. The thing that surprised me very much was a huge machine, you just need to enter dimensions, and then you have a finished part made from an ordinary metal with the necessary holes without human effort. In the future, I think I will be a programmer. I am carried away with computers and I want to choose a profession connected with them.

Mikhail Kshukin, 15 years old