Environmental Management System and
Energy Saving Policy

In order to reduce the negative impact of the company on the environment NIPOM develops and implement environmental policies.

The company has documented and introduced an environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2015. Its main tools are:

  • upgrading of the wastewater treatment system,
  • introduction of a regeneration system in the areas of powder coating,
  • decrease of the volume of chemical waste,
  • introduction of SovPlym system – cleaning the air from welding fumes.

This set of measures contributes to not only a more environmental friendly production, but also energy efficiency and productivity of labor. Replacement of obsolete equipment, investment in world-class production capacity and environmentally sound technologies provide continuous improvement of parameters of air emissions, solid waste and energy consumption.

The EMS is an integral part of the integrated management system of NIPOM. The compliance of the integrated management system with ISO 9001 and the compliance of the environmental management system with ISO 14001 were confirmed by the successful technical inspection conducted by the Certification Association “Russian Register” in December of 2016.

We are constantly performing work aimed at energy savings through the safe and efficient energy consumption management in order to conserve energy and improve the energy efficiency of our production activities. The main tool to decrease the operation costs of power equipment is the energy resource management system (ERMS). The system enables to collect relevant information about all cost sources, analyze and further plan them. Based on these data, it is possible to take corrective action aimed primarily at decrease of power consumption and cost reduction. Even if the product output increases by several times, with an annual increase of tariffs of all energy sources by 10-15%, energy costs do not increase due to a competent energy resource management.