Cooperation with Educational Institutions

NIPOM develops a reliable talent pool out of today's students of field-oriented educational institutions.

JSC NIPOM seeks to develop a reliable talent pool out of today's students of field-oriented educational institutions. The company cooperates with Alekseev Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University, Dzerzhinsky Polytechnic Institute (branch of Alekseev NSTU), Ivanovo Power Engineering University, Kazan State Power Engineering University, Dzerzhinsk Technical College, Dzerzhinsk Industrial and Commercial College.

The key areas of work include:

  • organization of field experience at manufacturing complexes of NIPOM;
  • excursions to the production areas ;
  • organization of career guidance activities for students: days of career, days of profession, youth forums and conferences.

At its facilities, NIPOM organizes the work of the Chair of the Dzerzhinsk Polytechnic Institute (DPI) “Power supply: Design and Automation”, the head of which is Mr. Igor Viktorovich Leontiev, the General Director of JSC NIPOM, for area-specific specialties. Senior students have practical sessions at the chair. .

A specialized department of JSC NIPOM is organized in the Kazan State Power Engineering University (KSPEU). The priority areas of cooperation are joint research and development activities, as well. Cooperation with one of the leading power engineering universities of Russia aims at an active collaboration in the educational, research and practical fields, expansion of opportunities for the exchange of new knowledge and technologies.

Work with students aims at training and selection of young talents for JSC NIPOM, which is an important part of our corporate policy.





Galina Rybina

Brand manager

I have already been working at NIPOM for 6 years!

When at school, I became interested in electric equipment. I like to do laboratory work and research. I wanted to get such a profession that my work results would be visibly useful. That is why I entered Alekseev NSTU to major in Power Supply. When I sent my CV to NIPOM to arrange my field experience and was invited to work, I was very pleased to be working in a large electrical company, which has its own production facilities. From the first day, NIPOM amazed me with its corporate culture, its tightly welded and kind-hearted team. At the beginning of my career in the company, I worked in the scientific and technical center. However, sometime later, the management paid attention to my ability and potential. Now, I am a brand manager of a large company. I am involved in the promotion of the company activities, solutions and products in the electricity market. This market is very complex; my education of a power engineer helps me in this promotion. I have a very interesting and active job where I combine my fundamental knowledge, experience and personal qualities. An important aspect of the work at NIPOM for me is the possibility to obtain periodically additional education and personal development. I have found myself, thanks to NIPOM!”

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