The scientific and technical potential and the high responsibility of the company that has kept up the traditions of the defense industry,
the importance and significance of the decisions have defined the main priorities of the company.

1955 – 2001

The industrial enterprise developed automated control systems for the manufacture of explosives. The developments were put into production and were successfully operated during many years.


Received an order for technical modernization of the enterprises of PJC "Gazprom" – replace analog excitation systems of synchronous machines to digital devices. It began active development of the company in the direction of electrical production.

  • Russia’s first digital exciter device of synchronous motors (VTTS) at the time was developed. A patent was obtained
  • The following products were developed: a DC board (DCB), a low-voltage complete device (LVCD)


  • Mastered licensed production license of electrical equipment for voltage up to 24 kV
  • The first international license for the manufacture of Logstrup LVCD form factor (Denmark) was obtained
  • Mastered the production of earthquake-resistant LVCD for nuclear power plants
  • The company has received the world's first license for the production of the new development from Siemens – a modern constructive LVCD Sivacon S8
  • The following product – charging / boost charging rectifier
  • A site for manufacture of modular equipment was created and put into operation
  • Organized by the project activity
  • The first general contracting projects for energy supply of oil and gas industry, the power grid sector and other sectors of the Russian industry were implemented


  • A project of an innovative combined 6 (10) / 0.95 / 0.4 kV network was implemented
  • Our partnerships with Siemens were actively developing: We obtained the Solution Partner status in the software module “Industrial Energy Efficiency – Energy Management”
  • The company was successfully passed the “Ready for Business” qualification of supplier allowing to participate in international projects of Siemens AG
  • The company obtained declarations of compliance with European quality standards for four types of electrical equipment
  • New products were developed – medium-voltage switchgears (MVS), uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), operative DC cabinets (ODSC), voltage regulator (VR), accumulator battery manager (ABM), cabinet enclosures for low-voltage equipment and electric wiring
  • We developed a 110-220 kV RPA equipment line under IEC 61850, which is capable of being applied within a DSS. The company sent the first supply of RPA ETL for a pilot operation at existing 110/35/10 SS
  • The production facilities of the modular equipment plant have been reorganized to increase the volumes of output products
  • The company developed a product – integrated installations on the basis of packaged transformer substations with DDG reserve power source (IIRPS) and delivered the first supplies to the facilities of Transneft, PJSC
  • The company developed a line of autonomous modular packaged power installations (MPPI) on the basis of alternative power sources. The first deliveries of MPPI of various modifications are made to the facilities of Gazprom, PJSC
  • The company developed a product – a complete indoor substation based on unified 110 (35) kV block modules (CISS). The company implemented a project for the construction of a trial design